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“Time for Change”

Our Tribute

you can stab a girl
without making her bleed.
and you can break her heart
without hearing anything shatter.
but that soul of hers,
she wrapped it in steel.

– Kat Savage

We have heard of many horror stories befalling maids who have left their countries to earn a living in foreign lands.  Some succeed in landing good employment…while others return with less than savvy stories.  Some don’t make it home…ever.

We feel that their stories are deserving.  We feel that their stories are worthy.  We feel that the women are more than servants and maids of the wealthy. Maids4u is a platform designed with love to support, embrace and create a potentially safer haven for all women of substance and pillars of strengths to many families around the world looking for a better life.

This is a movement of tribute to mothers, sisters, daughters and wives who make sacrifices out of love for their families.  This is a gateway to a better life.